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1. What are the currencies accepted by NEWCITY8?

The following list all the currencies accepted by NEWCITY8:

  1. Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)*

2. How do I deposit funds in my NEWCITY8 account?

Before betting with NEWCITY8, you will need to fund your account using one of the following deposit options:

  1. Maybank
  2. CIMB
  3. Hong Leong Bank
  4. Public Bank
  5. Online Transfer
  6. Visa / Master Card
  7. Local-Pay : Local Bank Deposits
  8. Bank Draft/ International Money Order
  9. Direct Debit
Management will NOT accept all kinds of “Cheque” (Bank OR Personal) as deposit method. For faster credit of funds to your account, please use above recommended deposit options as described above.

3. How do I withdraw funds from my NEWCITY8 account?

You can withdraw money from your NEWCITY8 account via the following methods:

  1. Withdrawal to an e-Wallet Account
    1. Maybank
    2. CIMB
    3. Hong Leong Bank
    4. Public Bank
  2. Local Bank Transfer

4. How long until I receive my money?

As long as we have received and processed any information you are required to send us in accordance with the NEWCITY8 Withdrawal Policy, any withdrawal request will be sent to our Finance team for processing. Withdrawals will be processed within the following time frames:

Processing times from time of withdrawal request

Method of withdrawal NEWCITY8 Processing Time Funds Received by You (estimated)
Banking -- --
  Bank transfer 2 business days 3 business days
  Local Bank transfer 24 hours 24 hours
"Business days" exclude Saturdays, Sundays and your local banking holidays.

First-time withdrawals

If it is your first withdrawal request and you have sent us all of the necessary information required in accordance with the NEWCITY8 Withdrawal Policy, then you should allow 3 business days for this information to be reviewed and verified prior to our Finance team commencing processing of your withdrawal.

5. Will I be charged for deposit and withdrawal transactions from NEWCITY8?

NEWCITY8 will NOT charge our members for any deposits and withdrawals made to their accounts. However, please be informed that many selected banks, e-wallets or credit card company will have an additional transaction fee which NEWCITY8 will not absorb the charges. Therefore, kindly check with your selected bank for the transaction fees.

6. Why are there so many wallets?

There are 2 main categories of wallets – Main and Products’ wallet.

  1. Main Wallet’s balance displays the total amount that you can withdraw via the various banking methods or transfer to Products’ Wallet to fund betting transactions. All newly successful deposits are updated to this balance.
  2. The balance of products’ amount is available for betting on the following respective products.
    • NEWCITY8 Sports: For Sports Book or Sports Book betting.
    • Club NEWCITY8: For Live Dealer in Club NEWCITY8, Slot Games and all games Under Game pages.
    • Lottery: For digit betting products like Keno.
    • Poker: for all kinds of poker games in Poker Products.

You can fund transfer from main wallet to the required products’ wallet or between products’ wallet by selecting the desired wallet from the Transfer From/To drop down list.


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