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Welcome to Newtown Casino Malaysia ( At Newtown Casino Malaysia, we provide Newtown Online Casino games in Malaysia. Newtown Online Casino is developed by Playtech, UK. Playtech plc is a gaming software development company founded in 1999. The company provides software for online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo games, online sports betting, scratch games,mobile gaming, live dealer games and fixed-odds arcade games online. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Newtown Casino (previously known as O'Town Casino) is one of the oldest casino operator in Southeast Asia gambling industry. Since inception of Playtech in 1999, continual development of its gaming software successfully secures a significant market position and eventually Newtown Casino had been widely implemented in every casino internet caf across Malaysia. In addition of offering cutting edge and creative content products, strong partnership between Newtown Casino and its provider is one of the main reason to monopolize gambling market in this region. Now, Newtown Casino has become a common brand that any gambler would have in their mind once he steps in a casino caf.

As we look further into various casino games that Newtown Casino provides, live casino and slot games are among the most famous. Based on our researches, both Chinese and Malay communities are addicted to slot game as well as live casino. It showed another successful product evolution from Newtown Casino to develop conventional casino slots from 2D slots become 3D slots.

Despite having great advantage in online casino gambling industry, market revenue of Newtown Casino was challenged by some reputable casino operators in past recent years. Their marketing strategy was once again proven when marketing team introduced another emperor studio that merely target Chinese customer. This new studio was able to regain significant market share and put Newtown Casino back into pole position in Southeast Asia gambling industry.

In this highly competitive and profitable online casino industry in conjunction with continuous rising of mobile internet over gambling pattern, research shows that 60% of internet users connect to internet through mobile devices in 2013. Management of Newtown Casino aware of the change and developed a casino gaming apps to provide its user another betting solution. Now, everyone can easily connect to Newtown Casino anywhere to place their bet and win money.

Reasons Why Newtown Casino is Getting More Popular in Malaysia
It has been 1 year since i am playing Newtown casino online and day by day, Newtown Casino or ntc33 is getting popular in Malaysia. How do i know? Because I have seen an increase of Malaysian gambler at Newtown as compare to other Asian countries. For people who don't know what is Newtown, here is an introduction of Newtown. Newtown is an online casino platform where you can play about 100+ online casino games including slot games and live casino. NTC33 is another name of Newtown where you need to download software to play games at Newtown. There is an application version of Newtown available too through which you can play NTC33 on your mobile devices for both Android and iOS etc.

Many gambler are wondering that what makes Newtown casino so popular in Malaysia and why there is a great increase in users at NTC33 network. Today we are going to discuss the reasons why Newtown casino is getting more popular in Malaysia as compare to other casino platform which has almost similar features and games. After taking a deep look and comparing Newtown with other casino platform, i realized that there are actually more than 1 reason behind the popularity of Newtown online casino.

Here's a Few Reasons Why Ntc33 Is Popular in Malaysia:
It is not just free but also easy to Install:
Newtown is available to download free of cost and this is one of the main reason behind the popularity of Newtown casino. Yes, I agree that there are many online casino games too which are free but unfortunately those online casino software and applications are not easy to install while they did not always install without upgrading or modifying your system requirements.
There are hundreds of games to play which are new:
When you compare Newtown with other similar platform to play online casino games, you will found that those applications also provide hundreds of games to play.
So, what makes Newtown from different? Well, it is the new concept and unique games which you cannot found on other networks. There is a big range of slot games available including live casino options and new style of slot machines. Playing card games and universal popular casino games is not difficult with Newtown because all of them are available.
It has high graphics, sound, music and color scheme:
Each and every game of Newtown is designed with high graphic images. There are 3D games while each game has awesome use of color schemes. The sound tracks and use of music in each games is really good. In short, you will never get bored with any game in NTC33 while you are gambling or betting.
It has a great team which provide your 24 hours support:
Nothing could be win with Newtown's support team when you compare it with other online casino platforms. The team of NTC33 is very supportive and always reply back within seconds with solution.


Play love casino games on 12win live casino

Casino games are available online on many websites but it is only an online casino that can give the pleasures gamblers get in a land casino. Why should gamblers switch their loyalty to live casinos when they are satisfied with their land casinos? The only reason for gamblers joining 12win live casino, the largest online casino, is the online casino gives real pleasure. Live gaming is as entertaining as gambling in a land casino but there are some benefits that only an online casino can give. Gamblers save time and money when playing online and also they get more options on live casinos.

12Win Casino is an online casino games developed by Playtech, UK. It offers a complete gaming experience with over 200 casino games. The games are popular table and card games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Sic Bo, Video Slots and Classic Slots.

12win online casino offers more at less
An online casino offers more than simply slot machines and table games. It offers more choices and more playing time. Live games are affordable in comparison to land casinos and for this reason enticing. One doesn't have to be a millionaire to enjoy casino games online as gamblers can play games even with little money in hands. 12win online casino opens gambling accounts with minimum balance and allows gamblers to enjoy even the most popular games like slot machines and poker with minimum investment. Affordability of the games allows even the budget players to venture into the world of casino games.

12win casino is the most popular live casino
Popularity of an online casino depends on its ability to provide more options. Gamblers want choice, freedom and liberty and the casinos that are able to accommodate their needs get maximum business. Advantage of live gaming is that it gives a sense of privacy because gamblers play in the comfort of their homes. Another advantage of online gambling is that it provides total freedom as gamblers can access live casinos like 12win casino from their tablets, phablets and Smartphones. Live casino stands for gambling round the clock. It is more accessible, affordable and advantageous than land based casinos. Someone rightly said that live casinos are the future of casinos.


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Playtech is the world's largest online gaming software supplier traded on the London Stock Exchange Main Market, offering cutting-edge, value added solutions to the industry's leading operators. Since Playtech's inception in 1999, its approach has been centered on the continual development of best-of-breed gaming products and content, and its success built upon strong partnerships with our licensees.

Internet gambling is big business all around the globe, even in regions where the activity is expressly prohibited by law. In Malaysia, playing casino game over the net is a crime, but that hasn't stopped countless users from logging on, making deposits and playing online blackjack, slots and other wagering amusements. In an effort to fortify its stance against the activity, the Malaysian government blocked 170 iGaming websites this week, sending Playtech shares into a downward spiral.

Playtech is a leading developer of internet gambling software, producing everything from online blackjack and slots games to poker, bingo and sports betting platforms. Playtech is currently the largest supplier of iGaming software in the entire industry. According to CasinoCity's online gaming analysts, Playtech powers 299 online gambling websites, making up 9% of the world wide web's 3,294 known operators.

When the Malaysian government announced its intentions to block 170 online blackjack, poker and sports betting sites, Playtech took a huge hit in the wallet. The software company's shares immediately plummet nearly 9%, down to 635.5p. A statement issued by Playtech said that it is monitoring the position closely and, regardless of the potential impact of any changes in the Malaysian market, remains confident of meeting the latest market consensus, following the recent Q3 IMS, for 2014 and beyond.

As of 2011, Playtech's records showed that 8% of its revenues were generated by Malaysian clientele. The software developer's presence has spread significantly throughout regulated Asian and European markets since then, but the blockage of so many iGaming domains won't go unnoticed in the company's bottom line.

Playtech's financial reports for the first half of 2014 showed revenue of 212.4 million, only 35% of which came from regulated online wagering markets. The other 65% was generated from unregulated markets like Malaysia, where online blackjack and other types of internet betting are either illegal or not expressly authorized by law.

Considering Malaysia's crackdown on illegal online gambling, combined with the UK Gambling Commission's recent implementation of a license requirement and POC tax in order to accept UK bettors, industry analysts are certain that more jurisdictions will impose similar regulations and blockages in the near future. With that said, if Playtech loses even half of its customers in unregulated markets, the results could be devastating.

Gamblers in Malaysia are outraged by the injunction as well. The majority of the country's population is Muslim, who are generally known to shy away from such activities as gambling. While it's not publically accepted, there are still countless Malaysians that like to gamble. There is only one brick-and-mortar casino authorized to operate in Malaysia, and due to the outward view of most citizens, it caters mostly to affluent tourists, leaving residents of the country with little other choice than to spend their wagering dollars on the internet.

What's upset online blackjack fans in particular is the fact that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) keeps making alarmist statements on the matter. Earlier this week, the Chairman of the MCMC stated that online gambling websites are nothing more than crooks looking to pilfer the financial details of account holders. While some iGaming sites are rogue operators with duplicitous intentions, the majority of them including every single one that made the list of 170 blockages are reputable, legally licensed websites regulated by other jurisdictions.

About Us

NEWCITY8 is an online entertainment brand, focused primarily on offering casino gaming products and services Asia Pacific markets. At NEWCITY8, we have a simple vision to provide customers with gaming entertainment of premium quality and at exceptionally good value. We are committed to providing you with gaming products that is industry leading. Our products, together with our unbeatable promotions and support staff, ensure that by playing at NEWCITY8, you are guaranteed the best gaming experience possible. With staff of over one hundred, we aim to appeal to all player types offering a quality internet casino gaming experience with industry-leading variety, impeccable game integrity, and spectacular, richly themed graphics.

Variety of products

NEWCITY8 has earned its reputation as one of the leading online entertainment website by its commitment to provide the players a full package of sophistication, look and feel. Whether it is online Baccarat, Roulette or SicBo you fancy, here you will find them all in one advanced playing platform with superb graphics, animations, adjustable game-play speed and sound effects. This online casino suite is complemented by the ever-popular online slots, and progressive jackpots, providing the player with numerous chances to win big cash prizes.

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Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our NEWCITY8 customer service department are there for you - to help answer your questions and resolve your issues as quickly, politely and efficiently as possible. We focus on the needs of our NEWCITY8 customer by staying true to our core service principles:

  • The customer always come first
  • Your satisfaction drives our business
  • We will always strive to exceed your expectations

Confidentiality and System Security

According to regulations, every player is allowed to possess only one NEWCITY8 account. In order to maintain the integrity and fairness of the system, we will conduct regular security checks for your protection. We use the most innovative software technology to ensure game fairness. We use advanced security measures and 24 hour monitoring to ensure game safety and security.

Everyone is a winner here at NEWCITY8 Casino and we look forward to welcoming you onboard to enjoy a gaming experience that is of a distinctly superior quality.


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